Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watched the outsiders last night.

the creative wheels are a-turnin'.


megan said...

gone by nsync just came on mtv music vidoes at 4 am. i miss you.

Elaine Miller said...

hahaha awww. i got your voicemail this morning :-)

i'm very sick now and i have no voice!

Megan said...

i left you a voicemail? hahaha. i'm sure it was very interesting..
idk if you've seen this but its a pretty amazing song...
&&&let me know when you get those picturesss.

Elaine Miller said...

haha yeah , it was a great voicemail :-)


oh the last time i went to walmart, they weren't ready, but i'm sure they will be soon

haha i'm watching 10 things i hate about you.